What to Expect


Our Church Services:

Our services are formal, calm, peaceful and friendly.  You can use either a bulletin or a PowerPoint to follow the service. Our service follows the Lutheran hymnal with many hymns, prayers and readings from the bible. Holy Communion and a sermon by Pastor Joe and opportunites for the Congregation to participate and show their love for God.

Our Music:

Our music is very uplifting. We try to have a variety of music ranging from traditional to contemporary music. We have a choir that sings for the congregation a couple times a month. The instruments used to accompany the hymns are the organ and an electric keyboard. There is a lot of congregational singing.

Dress Code:

People come dressed casual or in suits and dresses. People also come in jeans and shorts. We have no dress code. Everyone is welcome!


All kids are welcome! You are able to sit where you are comfortable. There is a room near the front door of the Church with a crib and family seating for your convenience. 


If you believe that the bread and wine is the body and blood of Christ, you are more than welcome to come to Our LORD's table and receive communion.

How You Can Get Connected:

You can call the Church office anytime. You can also email the Church. You can also show up to any of our services. We also have a Facebook page! 


You can park on the street, the parking lot on E Street or in the parking lot in the back. Parking is not an issue!