1. Justice; Kindness; Humility
2. Before we can unpack those words from v. 8 we need to deal with DIVINE INDICTMENT v. 2. 
YHWH calls out to the mountains and the ground and says “I have a quarrel w/ my people.” “How have I exhausted you? Was it because I gave you leaders like Moses, Aaron, Miriam? Was it because when kings and false prophets aligned against you they failed? The same enemies who slaughtered herds and made oil and grain offerings yet were rejected?” HOW HAVE I FAILED YOU? 
3. HISTORY LESSON Numbers 21 ff. 
after Israel crossed Sea other kings rose against them, they were defeated. Another king, Balak hatched a conspiracy and organized a cabal to attack Israel, hired Balaam to throw a curse. Expensive boondoggle.
4. The Psalmist asks “Who is worthy?” 
In the Gospel, epistle, even the psalm we see that the bar has been set at a DIVINE level! {AVIS- “we try harder!”} humans cannot become divine through human power or intellect… 
The extra scoop of our salvation. Completely proprietary – there is no other supplier of this product! 
1. Justice; Kindness; Humility – terms only described and defined by the DIVINE!